The Tallis Scholars

The Tallis Scholars (photo © Nick Rutter)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.
Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 2331 E. Adams St., Tucson, Arizona

Whoever the Armed Man (L’homme armé) was, he clearly left a deep impression on late medieval European society. Over twenty mass settings alone were based on the secular “L’homme armé” tune, and the Tallis Scholars will present the most famous one, by Josquin. The second half of the program celebrates music in praise of the Virgin Mary. Gesualdo—having arranged the murder of his wife and baby—may have sought redemption, but in Fayrfax’s “Eterne laudis lilium,” an uncomplicated devotion concludes with the most beautiful “Amen” in the repertoire.

Widely considered to be the preeminent performers of Renaissance sacred music in the world, and revered for its breathtaking sound and uncanny vocal blend, The Tallis Scholars completes its 45th season with a year of world-wide touring. Over four decades of performing on every continent except Antarctica, and with a catalogue of award-winning recordings for Gimell, Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars have done more than any other group to establish sacred vocal music of the Renaissance as one of the great repertoires of Western classical music.