Business Support

Business Support

Becoming a sponsor of Arizona Early Music or supporting us in other ways can benefit your business:

  • Your business and its products are seen in a positive light through the additional publicity we provide.
  • Your company is seen as helping the community and supporting the arts.
  • Your employees become more engaged when working for a philanthropic company, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Your bottom line can improve with associated tax benefits.

We invite your business to choose one of these sponsorships to support Arizona Early Music:

  • Season Sponsor: $5,000
  • Tucson Baroque Music Festival Sponsor: $3,000
  • Concert Sponsor: $2,000

A sponsorship a win-win for both Arizona Early Music and your company. Your contribution of any amount is an investment in our future.

Please give us a call at (520) 314-1874 or email to start a conversation.

In the meantime, consider beginning or highlighting an existing Matching Gifts program for employees who donate to non-profit organizations.

Arizona Early Music appreciates the support of Texas Instruments Foundation—it not only matches employees’ charitable gifts, but also donates money based on the time that an employee volunteers for a nonprofit organization.

Or develop a charitable giving strategy that helps your community as well as your bottom line.

Technicians for Sustainability Tucson’s Technicians for Sustainability designed a “Pass the Sunshine!” program. If you refer someone who becomes a TFS customer, the solar energy company donates money to a nonprofit you choose. Arizona Early Music has benefited from their charitable program.