Concert FAQs

Concert FAQs

This information will answer questions you may have about what to expect at our concerts. Please email if you have other questions.

Q: Are you observing special COVID-19 protocols at the concerts?
A: Yes. For the safety of all, this season we are implementing new requirements for concert attendees. Please visit our COVID-19 Health and Safety page for all the details.

Q: How long are the concerts?
A: Concerts are planned to last under 90 minutes and have no intermission. This may change later in the season.

Q: Should I plan to arrive early?
A: For the best choice of seats, plan to arrive when the doors open 45 minutes before the concert.

Q: Are seats reserved?
A: Seats are not reserved for most concerts. For the concert by The Tallis Scholars, some tickets are for Front Seating. Several rows at the front of the venue will be reserved for people who have paid extra for their tickets.

Q: What if I arrive late?
A: An usher may ask you to wait outside the entrance to the seating area until the piece being performed has ended. Then you can enter and find a seat.

Q: Is parking easy?
A: There is plenty of free parking near our concert venues.

Q: Can I buy a ticket at the door?
A: Yes, you can purchase a ticket at the door using cash, check, or credit card. Discounted tickets for those of age 30 and under are available at the door for $5 (cash only).

Q: What if I miss a concert I have bought a ticket for?
A: We are flexible about ticket purchases. If you have a ticket for a concert that has already taken place, let us know which other concert during the same season you wish to exchange it for. If you have tickets for all the other concerts, consider inviting a friend to join you to introduce them to Arizona Early Music!

Q: Will there be an intermission?
A: This season, for the health and safety of all musicians and audience members, there will be no intermissions.

Q: Do the musicians talk about the pieces they are playing?
A: We ask one or more of the musicians to present a short (15-minute) talk about their program half an hour before the concert starts. Some ensembles introduce each piece, and others do not. The program notes in the concert program will help you appreciate the music.

Q: Can I talk to the musicians?
A: Nearly all our performers are pleased to talk with audience members after the concert, though we can’t guarantee this.

Q: Can I buy a CD of the concert?
A: Many ensembles bring CDs to sell at the concert, although the CD may not offer the same set of pieces.

Q: Will there be concert programs?
A: Yes, there will be concert programs that list the names of the musicians, information about them, the list of pieces that will be performed, and program notes about them. When vocal music is performed, we try to include the words they sing, both in the original language and in English.

Q: Are large-print programs available?
A: Yes, although they may be limited to the program and musician information.

Q: Are the concert venues accessible?
A: Yes, they are all accessible to those in wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. We do not, however, offer accommodations to those who are hard of hearing.

Q: What if I need a special type of accommodation?
A: Please send us an email at or call (520) 314-1874 and let us know how we can help.