Favorite Music Links - October, 2020

Dorothy Fitch

We have asked our board members to provide links to some of their favorite early music performances, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Here is the third of a multi-part series.

Let us know what your favorites are. We'd be happy to share them with others. Just send us an email.

Dorothy Fitch: "As the secretary of AEMS, I communicate with you about your ticket purchases and donations, both much-appreciated. My husband and I moved here from New Hampshire in 2009. I play flute and cello and performed in a recorder consort in NH for 25 years. I chose all instrumental music for my picks, and several have stories. It was hard to pick just a few! I hope you enjoy them."

Maurice Steger plays Vivaldi's "Goldfinch" Concerto

Michala Petri is usually the recorder player I gravitate toward, but I found I enjoyed Maurice Steger's performance of this well-known and challenging recorder work more than recordings I found by Michala. He added some wonderful ornamentation, and the overall sound quality seemed better. He definitely gives Michala competition!

Another of Vivaldi's famous recorder concertos, RV 443, is also online. Here is a link to Maurice Steger playing it.

Parts and Scores are available from IMSLP

IMSLP is the International Music Score Library Project. Here you can find free parts and scores for nearly all classical music in the public domain. Below is a link to the recorder part for Vivaldi's Goldfinch Concerto. It can be challenging to follow along, even if you read music. If you play the recorder or flute, give it a whirl!

And here is a link to Vivaldi's RV 443 Recorder Concerto music.

To search for recorder music on IMSLP, just type recorder, or even recorder trios (or quartets) in the Search box on the IMSLP home page. You can then sort by instrumentation, composer, etc. You can also search for keyboard, viol, lute/guitar, soprano arias, and so on. Search by period to find Baroque or Renaissance music. IMSLP is a fabulous resource of classical music.

The Kuijken Trio plays Bach's Musical Offering

The Kuijken Trio has always been one of our favorite ensembles. These Belgian brothers are extraordinary musicians.
Barthold Kuijken, transverse flute [b. 1949]
Sigiswald Kuijken, violin [b. 1944]
Wieland Kuijken, viola da gamba [b. 1938]
They are joined in this recording by harpsichordist Robert Kohnen

I found a fascinating half-hour interview with these musicians made in 2015. The film was created and edited by Daniël Brüggen (nephew of Frans Brüggen); the interviewer was Johannes Boer. Click to watch the interview (with English subtitles).

Ralph Kirkpatrick plays Domenico Scarlatti

My husband and I have always been fans of harpsichord music. In 1981 we attended most of the events of the Boston Early Music Festival. We came upon an open rehearsal of Ralph Kirkpatrick playing Scarlatti. His concert was that evening. When he came on stage to play, he held onto a string that was tied to the tail of the harpsichord to guide him to it. We had no idea during the rehearsal that he was blind. That was one of his final recitals and we felt honored to have been in attendance. His playing was flawless and heartfelt. His legacy is that he cataloged all of Domenico Scarlatti's harpsichord works, so they are all labeled with a K. number.

(Early Sonatas)

(Late Sonatas)

Read more about Ralph Kirkpatrick (1911–1984).

A Fascinating Collection of Baroque Pipe Organs

Tucsonan David Yetman (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Yetman) has created the Emmy Award-winning television programs "The Desert Speaks" and "In the Americas." You can watch these programs on AZ Public Television and online.

One episode of "In the Americas" that we recently watched was about the European Baroque pipe organs in Oaxaca, Mexico. There have been 72 historic organs in Oaxaca, many fully restored, and some with indigenous artwork decorating them.

Click to watch the 30-minute episode about these organs.

The Oaxacan organs are being actively played, restored, and maintained. The 13th International Organ and Early Music Festival, with tours of the organs, master classes, and recitals, was held very recently, in February 2020. Eight of the organs were played in recitals during the six-day festival. You can read about the festival, the organs of Oaxaca, the music performed, and much more on the website of the Institute of Historic Organs of Oaxaca. (http://iohio.org.mx/eng/fest2020.htm)

I couldn't resist adding a few more.

Lynn Harrell plays Bach's Cello Suite #1

Read more about Lynn Harrell, who died in April 2020.

Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #5 with Frans Brüggen, Daniel Stepner, and John Gibbons

— Dan Stepner and John Gibbons, along with Dan's wife, viola da gambist Laura Jeppensen, formed the Boston Museum Trio at the Musem of Fine Arts in Boston for many years.

YouTube channel of harpsichordist Gustav Leonhardt (1928–2012)


Boston Early Music Festival audio stream — online radio station


Dorothy Fitch