Music from Cathedrals and Cottages

Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 3:00 pm
St. Philip's In The Hills Episcopal Church
4440 N. Campbell Ave. (at River Road)


Kõlar – Palve / Prayer
Taverner – Kyrie Le Roy
Frye – Gloria Flos regalis
Gregorian chant – Ave Maria
Tallis – Sanctus
Bryars – Laude novella
Taverner – Agnus Dei Western Wynde
Kreek – Õhtune jumalateenistus: Alguslaul / Evening service: The Beginning song
Kõlar – Mu süda, ärka üles / Awake, my heart
Estonian folk hymn from Otepää – Oh Aadam, sino essitus / O Adam, your sin
Estonian folk hymn from Räpina – Nätse Jummal, siin ma rummal / You see, God, here I am, foolish as I am
Estonian folk hymn from Saaremaa – Mu armas Jeesus, minu rõõm / My beloved Jesus, my joy
Kreek – Oh Jumalaema, Neitsi / Oh Divine Mother, Virgin
Estonian folk hymn from Pãrnu-Jaagupi – Ma tänan sind / I am grateful to You
Estonian folk hymn from Vormsi – Kas sureb nii mu kõige armsam elu / Is my dearest life dying like that?
Gregorian chant/Estonian folk hymn from Lããne-Nigula – Veni creator spiritus/Oh Jumal, Looja, Püha Vaim

Heinavanker (The Haywain), an early music vocal group from Tallinn, Estonia, has performed since 1996 under the artistic direction of Margo Kölar, of the Music Academy of Estonia. The ensemble is named after the famous altarpiece by Hieronymus Bosch, which depicts a huge wagonload of hay rolling through a world vexed by agony and greed. From atop the haywain, angels make beautiful music to heal the misery below.
The program will include high church music by English composers Taverner, Tallis and Frye, as well as Estonian folk hymns from simple country farmhouses. The origin of these folk hymns is obscure – the region has seen different cultural and religious influences over time. Angels sing in many styles.

“Heinavanker ensemble soothes the spirit.”
The Lawrentian