Quicksilver, Early Moderns

Quicksilver, Early Moderns

Sunday, March 17, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.
Main Series, Concert 5

Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church | 2331 E. Adams St., Tucson, AZ   Google Map

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“Revered like rock stars within the early music scene…” —The New York Times

About the Program
Early Moderns: Extravagant New Music from the Seventeenth Century

The seventeenth century can be considered the height of the “early modern period,” a useful term that reminds us what a transformative moment this was in Western cultural history. New technologies were emerging, our modern economic system was developing, and the earth was no longer at the center of the universe. Among these cultural revolutions was one in music, as composers invented a nuove musiche, or stile moderno. This self-consciously “modern” music delighted in dramatic oppositions and vivid emotional statements, in striking contrast to the smooth tapestry of Renaissance polyphony. Early Moderns is an examination of this modern music, bringing to life the extravagant and sumptuous sonatas which were created first by virtuoso instrumental composers in Italy, and then taken up in Germany.

About Quicksilver

Quicksilver brings together today’s top North American period-instrument performers. Praised as “irresistible” by Fanfare Magazine, Quicksilver vibrantly explores the rich chamber music repertoire from the early modern period to the High Baroque.