Favorite Music Links - November, 2020

Scott Mason

Scott Mason is currently the President of Arizona Early Music, and has been on the board for ten years. Scott has lived in Tucson since age one, enjoying his extended family who also live in town. Working as a Systems Engineer by day, he spends virtually every other waking moment pursuing Early Music in some aspect as an amateur, playing recorder, viol, harpsichord, and singing baritone/countertenor in various church choirs when the opportunity arises.

Favorite Music Links - October, 2020

Dorothy Fitch

Dorothy Fitch: "As the secretary of AEMS, I communicate with you about your ticket purchases and donations, both much-appreciated. My husband and I moved here from New Hampshire in 2009. I play flute and cello and performed in a recorder consort in NH for 25 years. I chose all instrumental music for my picks, and several have stories. It was hard to pick just a few! I hope you enjoy them."

Favorite Music Links - August, 2020

John Anderson

John Anderson, AEMS board member since 2018, shares some of his favorite music with you.

“I’ve selected some of my favorite early music videos and performers to share, although there are so very many to choose from! I felt a mixture of voice and musical instruments was appropriate for early music, and dearly hope you will enjoy these as much as I did collecting them for you to watch!”

John’s goal is to bring the best of early music talent to Arizona through AEMS. He is passionate about baroque music!